PROBE1K System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements - Icom PCR1000 receiver, IBM compatible computer using DOS version 3.1 or higher, 640K RAM, hard disk, serial port (COM 1 - 4). Mouse optional. PROBE1K works as a DOS program with Windows.

Please Note: PROBE1K works in the 25 - 1300 MHz frequency range in order to achieve the best possible results for "scanning" operations with the PCR1000.

While PROBE1K is not guaranteed to work with Windows NT, 2000 and XP, in some cases, it does work. Refer to the PROBE1K Links - Resources for information regarding "Direct I/O".

PROBE1K is not guaranteed to work with Linux. It has been reported PROBE1K can be run on Linux using DOS emulator software called "DOSEMU".

PROBE1K will run on a minimal DOS based computer. A 486 processor typically allows PROBE1K to achieve maximum scanning speed.

PROBE1K comes with complete and thorough printed documentation. PROBE1K is provided on 3.5" floppy disk.

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