PROBE1K Scanning Software for PCR1000


FASTEST Scanning Software Available for Icom IC-PCR1000 - PROBE1K is specifically coded for "scanning" 25 - 1300 MHz in order to achieve high speed frequency acquisition and CTCSS tone detection with the Icom PCR1000. Unlike other PCR1000 compatible programs, PROBE1K can detect tone squelch without seriously impacting scanning speed - even when multiple CTCSS tones need to be checked for the same frequency! The frequency is tuned just once when multiple tones need to be checked for the same frequency. Scanning speeds in excess of 40 frequencies per second have been achieved with PROBE1K. Scanning speed results are displayed directly on the scanning screen. "Filter" and "ATT" settings are provided for each frequency record for better reception and control.

Powerful, Intuitive and Easy to Use - Mnemonics are used throughout the program making functions easier to remember while providing immediate control over the PCR1000. Single specific keystrokes provide a true "control panel" feel. No need to look at a monitor screen to control the receiver.

Versatile - Works on virtually all IBM compatible computers, both DOS and most Windows based operating systems. You can use older and inexpensive PCs for dedicated "terminal based" computer controlled scanning. No need for extra memory, special graphics, annoying device drivers, or complicated operating system setups. PROBE1K provides a very stable operating environment for long term non-stop operations. Check out some of the laptops and monitors we enjoy using with PROBE1K.

Data Driven - PROBE1K uses a high speed database engine (dBASE format) for "virtual computer controlled scanning". Provides large capacity data management (4000 groups, each with 99 banks, 1000 frequencies per bank) while attaining maximum scanning performance without demands for extra memory or processing power.

Specifically Designed for Scanning - Features like TacScantm, SmartScantm, Hyperbanks and Hypersettings provide functionality beyond the common scope of "manual tuning" programs primarily designed for Shortwave and HF reception. These, and other functions, provide more continuity and control of what you hear. Hear more of what you want to hear as it happens!

Summary - Look closely at the features and benefits of PROBE1K. Compare them carefully with other PCR1000 compatible programs. Then consider PROBE1K runs extremely well on low cost computers. If having fast and easy control of the PCR1000 is important, you won't find anything more capable than PROBE1K. When you're controlling your PCR1000 with PROBE1K, you'll feel like you're getting instant results - the same as if you were pressing the buttons directly on a scanner - no "delays" or feeling "disconnected" from the radio. Best of all, you will get maximum possible scanning speed and performance - something the others just can't promise.

PROBE1K - High Performance Scanning Software for the PCR1000

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