PROBE1K V7for the Icom PCR1000
Icom IC-PCR1000 Software - PROBE1K
by DataFile, Inc.

PCR1000 Scanning Software

PROBE1K - PCR1000 software developed exclusively for scanning 25 to 1300 MHz. No other PCR1000 software offers as many innovative scanning features. PROBE1K does the thinking for you. Hear more of what you want to hear with your Icom PCR1000. Best of all, PROBE1K's unique scanning engine provides the Icom PCR1000 with the fastest possible scanning speed and CTCSS tone squelch.

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the Probe1K package. I installed it this morning and I'm very impressed. The PCR1000 is doing more than it ever had using the Icom software... I'm getting 45 channels per second and perfect operation." - Chris P., Beaverton, OR

"Your software is 10,000% the best software there is for the PCR1000." - Ronnie C., Livingston, KY

"A very ambitious and well-executed program... equally well-suited to professional or casual monitors." - Monitoring Times

PROBE1K leads the way in "virtual computer controlled scanning" for the PCR1000. Compare PROBE1K's features with any other PCR1000 software and you'll see why PROBE1K is the best scanning software for your PCR1000. See what other Probe1K users have to say in the Probe1K User Group.

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Icom PCR1000 Scanning Software

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